Saturday, May 7, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

In class, we’ve been studying animal classifications and life cycles for science. Yesterday I had just finished a lesson on metamorphosis when a discussion about different animal life cycles ensued. It went a little like this…

Miss Delight – Mammals, like dogs, horses and people, don’t go through metamorphosis. Our changes are smaller. Our arms and legs grow, we get heavier, and we get taller as we grow up.

Student #1 – Not everyone gets taller, you didn’t

Student #2 – My mom is taller than you.

Student #3 – My brother is this much taller than you (measuring about 12 inches with his hands) and he’s only in 5th grade!

Student #4 – Everyone I know is taller than you Miss Delight.



  1. Fun sized people are adorable.
    Plus you have killer eyes when you do them up like lady GaGa... word.

  2. Those little bitches!
    Did you smack em good?
    You take care, shorty!

  3. Ah! They're all crazy. I am not really THAT short. I know a lot of people who are shorter than I am. In fact, I am most certainly taller than a 2nd grader! (shakes fist) :)

  4. Hahahha! My first year at this school I shared a room with another teacher. My hair was long and I when I cut it short, similar to my co-worker's....(who I was a good 10" taller than,) yet still a student said, "How will I tell you apart now?" Duh....when you are way down there everyone is tall! - When I wear heels, which is very rare, kids always say, "You're tall today," so maybe heels is the answer LOL!

  5. HA! The good thing is they must love you, Ms. Delight, or they wouldn't be so "open" with their comments.

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  7. I'm teaching life cycles right now too! One of my kids last week told me my hair looked bad because it was staticky. I told him to suck it. ;)

  8. virtually every primary school in the country is watching this.
    Into the mouths of babes.