Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the Muppets Win By A Landslide!

Last week my 2nd graders earned a "Marble Party" by accumulating 100 marbles in a jar for outstanding classroom behavior since August. I told them that it was their party and they could democratically plan the party according to the majority's votes. After a short discussion, three choices were agreed upon - A Pizza Party, A "Potluck" Party, and A Rootbeer Float Party - I know how cute is that? Then we took a vote and the "Potluck" Party and the Rootbeer Float Party tied. Collectively we decided that we could do both. I would provide the rootbeer floats and if students wanted to bring in treats to share with the class, they were allowed to to do that. This year's class is sooo easy going that I could have just given them all a hug or high-five for the "Marble Party" and they would be thrilled, so a combination "Potluck"/Rootbeer Float Party is so fantastic they can hardly stand it. "I'm so excited!" one student exclaimed waving his hands, fanning his face.

I promised the kids that during the party I would show them a movie as well. I found a few movies that I could access to show on my "magic" whiteboard, and the next day we voted on them. Their choices were Madagascar, Meet the Robinsons (which I kept referring to as Mrs. Robinson), Ratatouille, and the Muppet Movie. I added the Muppets to the list at the last minute because in December I showed them the Muppet Christmas Carol after studding families/traditions in England. They really enjoyed it so I thought, "What the heck, this will give them another choice."

Much to my surprise, the Muppet Movie took all but a couple of the votes. The kids were thrilled with the choice. Now, as someone who grew up in the 80s, I love the Muppets. They are a hoot! I was really surprised though that the kids would be so excited about them. The Muppets aren't sleek and sassy (except for Miss Piggy of course) and the shows and movies certainly aren't fast paced. As a teacher, every year I see attention spans reduce and expectations increase as our world's technology advances. More of my kids have video games than books, so this vote threw me for a loop. I'm thrilled that my kids want to see a movie that's not popular and trendy and not only did they vote for it, they can't stop talking about it. The Marble Party is this Friday and all week they've reminded me that it is this Friday. "Don't forget the movie," they tell me. "I think that movie is going to be so funny," they tell each other. It's really very sweet.

Did you watch the Muppets (shows or movies) when they were popular? Who were your favorites? I think all the characters were very funny, but the two old guys who heckled in the theatre crack me up!


  1. Kudos to your class for their excellent taste!

    I have ALWAYS been a huge Muppets fan. I even grew up watching Muppet Babies, and they were still good in baby cartoon form, which is something few others can get away with.

    "The Great Muppet Caper" is excellent and "The Muppets Take Manhattan" is great too. I am also a fan of "Muppet Treasure Island," but I haven't seen the original for years.

  2. That is sooo cool having a party like that with your kids. And I am SO loving this song by Kate Nash. Never heard of her. It's making me happy!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your kids are lucky to have such a great teacher!
    We love to pick up old 80s movies from the library to share with our kids. The girls loved the Muppets too.
    I think the draw is that they are new to them, not the same 4 Disney kids in the same dozen movies that run continuously on the Disney channel.

  4. Is there ever any competition when it comes to the Muppets? Noooooo.

    But first I want to comment that a Potluck Party beat out a Pizza Party? How is that possible? The root beer floats I can understand...

    But not back to the Muppets. I still watch them. My fav movie is Muppets Take Manhattan" and Muppet's Christmas Carol because, in one of the songs early on, those cute little mice sing "No cheeses for us meeses."

    Now you have me excited about your Potluck/Root beer float and Muppets party!

  5. I LOVE THE MUPPETS! My camp name was Scooter! I took my niece to see the first Muppet Movie when it came out...and our first cat was named Fozzie Bear. I hope you and your class have a wonderful marble party tomorrow...I wish the 100th day were on a Friday then I could go home and crash!!! At least our Valentine party will be :)

  6. It sounds like you've got a really sweet class. One of my best friends is a 2nd grade teacher. Cute age!

  7. I love the Muppets too. My friend Michelle gave my girls all the muppet movies. They are still al ittle young for them and don't quite get it yet.

    I am providing hot dogs and dessert for Valentine's Day and I had my kids draw names for secret lunch buddies. Everyone wrote down their favorite chips and drink. They then decorate a bag for them and suprise thier valentine's. How cute is that? They are so excited about it too!

  8. When I was growing up we went to a very strict church. You were NEVER allowed to go to the movie theater (Because you know, you might be going to see a family friendly movie, but someone could see you going in and think you were going to see an R rated movie....RIDICULOUS, right?)
    One time when we were visiting our WORLDLY and COOL cousins that lived in a Pittsburgh Pa suburb their parents decided we were all going to go see The Muppets Take Manhattan movie in a theater. My parents even came : ). For that reason alone, I have always LOVED the Muppets with a passion. I hope your party was great today!

  9. Our local history is doing an exhibit on Jim Henson's Muppets. The curator was worried that kids wouldn't be interested for the reasons you mentioned. I'll be sure to pass your experience along. I personally feel that they're timeless!

  10. I'm glad they liked it. Sometimes when you try to get today's kids to like something you used to love, it doesn't go so well.

    Like when we tried to get our girls into the Herbie movies. That did not go so well.

    And, there is an award waiting for you over at my place...

  11. OHMYGOSH I lived for the Muppets as a kid! In SC (where we lived when I was "into" the Muppets), it always came on at 7 PM on Saturday night.... I remember my brother and I always made sure we took our baths early and were READY for the Muppets - it was our favorite show! Beeker, Animal, Sam the Eagle, the Swedish Chef, Dr. Bob, etc. SUCH fun memories!!

    Your class sounds adorable! I love the idea of a room full of 2nd graders enjoying root beer floats and watching the Muppets! Can I come visit that day?! :)

  12. I found you through Jason's blog. But it is because of this post that I'm going to add you to the list of blogs that I "follow." LOVE the Muppets!!!

    There are Muppet songs that have become part of my life soundtrack. Little snippets that I just sing for no reason in various little events and most everyone around me has no clue...

    And... I totally learned that the sun always rises in the east because of the lyrics "I've never seen the sun come up in the West? Movin' right along... doodle doo doodle doo."