Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Quitting the Bachelor - Episode 7

This show makes me so mad. All I have to say is...He didn't pick Jillian! The editors of the show certainly made it seem like she was a shoe-in, but of course, they tricked me! So now I don't care anymore, but here's a rundown, short and sweet!

Fantasy dates. New Zealand. Jillian. Molly. Melissa. Jillian says she's into him, a lot. Molly says she loves him. Melissa says she loves him. Jason picks Molly and Melissa. Jillian cries and tells him she loves him. Jason cries. And still no Deanna! Stupid show!

Opinion Alert: My friend Cassandra's opinion actually: Jason wanted to pick Jillian but she was the only one who didn't say she loved him. My feeling is, wouldn't some guy rather pick a girl who had strong feelings but couldn't yet say she loved him after only a couple of weeks of knowing each other. In the real world most people need a little more time to say it. I think those other girls are crazy for saying it so soon and he's crazy for picking them. That's my two cents.

Next week isn't even the finale, but rather "The Bachelor Tells All" reunion show where all the women confront Jason and each other and they show flashbacks. You know I'll watch, but I'm not gonna like it!


  1. this whole season has been a waste for me. I'm not that into Jason to begin with. His narrative commentary is unrealistic to me.

    Now, just so you know, they are still taking applications for Big Brother 11. I think you would be great on there. I mean, last year a teacher won!

  2. I was VERY disappointed when he sent Jillian home. She was MY pick. Jason is immature, in my opinion, and made a poor choice by sending her home. EITHER 1) this whole thing is scripted by the producers (quite probable) or 2) he's too dumb to realize what he's doing.

    Jillian was the BEST wife material. Doesn't he realize that? Her family was AWESOME. (Molly's family was WEIRD and Melissa's family didn't want to meet him and didn't even really know Melissa's best friends... that should be a red flag.)

    PLUS, Jillian told Jason about her grandmother and grandfather ... how they were best friends and did everything together and lived a fully wonderful life. And Jason still didn't "GET" it... that marriage is so much more about a DEEP love, which is WAY more important than the lust and heat that only last a couple of years in the beginning.

    I'm beginning to understand why Jason is divorced. Probably what happened is when the lust and heat evaporated in his first marriage, that's when he hit the road.

    Jillian was awesome. I was FURIOUS when he broke her heart.

    I may boycott the rest of the show. (Probably not, because I'm so "invested" at this point.)

    I'm irritated by Jason though.

  3. At this point, I hope he and Deanna get back together.... they're both wishy washy and deserve each other.


  4. "You know I'll watch--but I'm not going to like it!"

    That is too funny!

    And wow. Happy Wife has sooo much to say about this show!

  5. You shoulda went to the basketball game with me....well, on second thought, you'd probably still be mad like me!

  6. I've read all the spoilers and boycotting now is probably a good idea. No matter how they spin it, Jason is not going to come out of this one looking very good. And rumor is it really is ALL scripted.

  7. UGH! Dumb Bachelor. What do you think the chances are that he'll take Deanna!?!?!?