Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Bachelor - Episode 6

I'm getting a little tired writing these posts, but with only a couple episodes left, I don't feel I can stop. So here's the rundown, in a nut shell...
This week the four remaining bachelorettes took Jason home to meet their families.
First up was Jillian (the hot dog girl). Jillian and Jason met in for a glass of wine before heading to meet her family. Jillian told Jason that her mother had suffered from serious depression for several years, but was now doing well. Jason was happy that Jillian told him and felt that it explained why Jillian had not opened up as much as some of the other girls. He had a great hometown visit with Jillian's family. They liked Jason and Jason liked them. Yay!
Jason visited Molly next. They played golf before heading over to her parents' house wore they were funny hats and Jason drew a picture for Molly. Jason also seemed to like Molly's family a lot. Molly said that she would not date a man who her parents didn't like so there was some pressure on Jason, but the parents seemed to like him as well.
Jason's next visit was Naomi. Much to Naomi's horror this date included a bird funeral, hula hoops, and grilling Jason about his faith.
The last hometown date was Melissa. Before meeting her family, Jason and Melissa met up at a park and she tells Jason she has some bad news; her family doesn't want to be on camera so he will be meeting some friends of hers instead. Jason, Melissa, and her friends seemed to have a fun night, but Jason found out that only one of those friends had ever met Melissa's parents, and that was only one time. Jason thought that was a bit odd.
The rose ceremony was pretty low key. Jason gave roses to Molly, Jillian, and Melissa.

At the end of the show, Jason told the remaining women that they would be traveling to New Zealand for their fantasy dates. Opinion Alert: I still like Jillian best.

Finally, the previews showed that Deanna might be back in episode 7. I'm looking forward to some drama!


  1. I can't wait to see what happens if Deanna comes back. I'll be mad if it's just as a "friend" type thing just for ratings.

    This has been a strange Bachelor so far. I appreciate your take on it.

  2. Molly's family was WEIRD.
    Not sure what the deal is with Melissa.... I think there's more there than meets the eye. (The fact that her best friends had never really met her family would have been a yellow flag for me.... )

    I'm with you. I vote for Jillian. I wasn't sure about her at first, but I'm liking her more and more. I LOVED her family. And, as we all know, when you get married, you marry the WHOLE family.

  3. A question I want answered (and I'm surprised none of these girls is insisting on this) is WHY is Jason divorced? What happened? I would want full disclosure on that.

    I'm glad he sent Naomi home. She was, emotionally, about 18 years old.

  4. I hope Jillian wins since you like her best : ).

    Did you see the post I wrote about you? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Yeah, I didn't think so since it was comment free.

    PS What a nice gift to give Jason. A garlic press. How did you get so cool? Really and truly? How did it happen?

  5. I agree with Happy Wife. I would want to know why Jason is divorced in the first place, and why his child is not with the mother. Because that could indicate some serious baggage. Not that I watch the show, or anything.