Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Bachelor - Episode 5

This week Jason and his ladies traveled to Seattle to see Jason's hometown. That was a bit early in the series for the the Bachelor to go to the bachelor's hometown. The visit usually happens when it's down to the last two women and they get to meet the bachelor's family. However, since Jason has a son, he wanted to get home to see him so he brought the girls along.

Chris Harrison, the host, met the girls in Seattle and told them that there would be two one-on-one dates and a group date. Melissa got the first one-on-one date.
Jason had Melissa over to his house so he could put his son to bed and then hang out together at the house, "Just like real life." Opinion Alert - Jason seems to like Melissa. She says all the right things, but is that all it is? She seems really young to me, but that's probably just because I'm an old bag. Jason's almost 10 years older than she is and it shows.
Later in the show, Jason took Stephanie, Molly, and Jillian on a group date. They stopped by a radio station and were interviewed. When asked who he thought was the best kisser, Jason answered Molly.
Stephanie - the widowed mother.
Molly - Not really sure much about her, she kind of came out of nowhere
Jillian (Yes Hula Hank, the hot dog girl is still in it.) Opinion Alert - I like her the best.
Afterwards Jason took them to dinner and they each had some alone time with him. All three of the girls told him they were developing feelings for him.
Naomi went on the last one-on-one date with Jason. This was their first one-on-one date. She told Jason that her family life has been less than desirable, but even so they had a good time.

Before the Rose Ceremony, Jason took Jillian out for some coffee. He sensed that she was not herself over the last couple of episodes. She told him that she had come on the show for the experience and didn't expect to fall for him. She said that it had been hard for her knowing that all the girls had feelings for him and they were all great girls. He told her not to worry about the others, instead she needed to take care of herself.

Just as the Rose Ceremony was about to begin, Jason stopped it and asked to speak with Naomi again. She told him that she could see herself living in Seattle with Jason.

At the Rose Ceremony Jason give roses to Jillian, Melissa, Molly, and Naomi, in that order. That left the widowed mother without a rose. Jason walked her outside and they both agreed that they liked each other, but it just wasn't meant to be.

In Episode 6, each of the four remaining girls takes Jason home to meet the families. I'm still waiting for the Deanna drama.

Have you been watching? If so, what's your take on who's left?


  1. Okay, as much as I wanted to dislike Jillian because of the corny hotdog thing, I am now liking her. Probably because she's the only one who wasn't completely gaa-gaa over a guy she'd never met coming into this.
    I also really like Melissa too. She is young, but she seems much more mature than Molly and Naomi. Those two are totally not ready to be step-moms.
    And that's my 2 cents. Thank you very much.

  2. I liked Stephanie a lot. However, I knew she was going home... there just wasn't enough of a "spark" there.... plus, I think ultimately she would be best suited with an older man. Jason is still very emotionally young (hence, his selection of Naomi who is emotionally, what, about 17 years old?!)

    Out of the remaining girls.... I'd have to say I like Melissa the best. Although the hot dog chick is a dark horse contender. I think there's more there than meets the eye. I'm betting on those 2 for the final.

    (It's funny... my mom and the 80something woman she cares for are watching it too... and they are both in STAUNCH agreement with each other that "none of these girls is good enough for that Handsome Jason!" :)

  3. I think its going to come down to Molly and Melissa. I hope its Molly. I think they are cute together and he did give her some of his clothes and spend the whole night in the tent with her! We'll see what happens. I think Naomi will go next.

  4. I am going to watch again so I can give another educated opinion. Right now I've got nothing...