Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Buddy Valentine

So my new BFF Faiqa over at Native Born bestowed the "Great Buddy Award" on me. I am honored because she is smart and writes about really important and interesting things; things much more important than recipes and The Bachelor updates.

After some research, I have found that this award is kind of funny, not funny ha, ha, but funny, huh? It seems there was this "Great Buddy Award". It shows a group of people holding hands and frolicking on a beach. I am assuming they must be great buddies and that is why they are frolicking.

This award felt strange to a blogger called LeSombre. He didn't like the frolicking beach scene and instead created the new and improved "Great Buddy" Award.

You see, a great buddy is someone who, if necessary, would help you move a body. And I, of course, would help Faiqa. She's so smart, she'd have a good reason to move a body, so I wouldn't object.

So, it's now my job to reward some great buddies! Note: If the body buddy is too morbid for you, please feel free to use the frolicking beach buddy instead. The choice is yours.

Happy Wife, Happy Life - Tracey's blog is light and fun, plus she is also a fellow Hugh Jackman stalker.

LMNOP - Down-to-Earth, crazy (aren't they all) kindergarten teacher Marey championed the holiday fundraiser with great success!

Hula Hank - My "down under" mafia husband.

Life with Kaishon - Isn't Becky just the nicest blogger evah?

Almost Famous - Jen is someone who will totally appreciate the body buddy award. I know she would help me move a body and we'd laugh the entire time.

The Jason Show - What can I say, a blogging great! He gets so many comments he probably won't even know he got this award, but he'd also help move the body and we'd laugh just as much.

The Rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog. (You can pick between the creepy hand holding one and the creepy body toting one).

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Award some other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on yours

5. Let the other bloggers know they received your award.


  1. Awwww.... aren't you sweet! :-)
    I laughed at the "moving body" graphic. :-)

    btw - I like the new background on your blog - it's 'magically delicious'.

  2. Thanks Kim! You are right we'd laugh so hard we'd pee.

  3. I would help you move a body in a heartbeat. : ) I wonder what exactly you had done to the body to move it, but if you needed me to help you move a body, well I would just get on a jet plane and fly to California and help you move a body. Oh yes I would : ).

  4. Pumpkin... thought you'd get a kick out of this. Here's a photo of ME and SUZ, circa 1982 (when we were in 9th grade). Embarrassing? Why YES. I put them on my blog as a BDAY gesture to my dear friend Suz. (btw... there's a comment reply for you on my blog too, on today's post.)

  5. Awesome. Another name to add to the people who would help *me* move a body. Expect a phone call soon. ;-)

  6. Thank you! I am very honored. And I'll have you know that I commented on this post the day you posted it...but it is not here! Maybe I just got the word verification thing wrong or something. Cuz I remember!

    And, what I said was, can I just have both of them? Because I like them both.

  7. AND....I remember saying something like "I'd gladly hold hands with you and frolic on the beach anytime!"