Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Facebook Convo

When thinking of ideas for Writer’s Workshop this week I had a hard time narrowing down my many funny conversations. My friends and I are all very, very funny, at least we think we are. Several times a day my work friends (the ones I see the most) and I have great conversations. So great in fact that a retired teacher who now substitutes at our school loves having lunch with us because we are so much fun, and by fun I mean dirty. Which is my dilemma…which conversation do I choose, I can’t even remember them all. Just today we talked about movies and teenagers at the movies. We talked about The Bachelor, Brazilian blowouts, prom, bridesmaids’, and wedding dresses. We talked about my potato soup which was really just glorified mash potatoes and whether Jason actually cooked his lunch. All topics have an inuendo of one kind or another. Good times!

So instead, I decided to share one of my favorite facebook posts…
Kimberly (Me) - Crap! I had a big pile of work that I planned on bringing home with me to work on tonight and then left without it. Now I'm gonna have free time tonight, but instead of enjoying it I'm going to be thinking about all the work I should be doing and still have to get up early in the morning to finish it before the school day starts tomorrow. grrrr! I hate when I do stuff like that.
Jason E - go back and get will sleep better tonight.
Me – Oh, no I’m too lazy for that.
Jason E – You live like 5 miles from school!
Mathew – Honey, you need a martini
JLo – Or some silver balls…
Jason S – You really need to learn to relax
Mathew - yes! take your mind off the work by prowling the net to figure out where you can get your hands on some balls
Me - Shhh, don't tell anyone about my illegal contraband.
Sorry Jason E, you've somehow stumbled into a totally different post. :)
JLo - A way better post! Kim's on the hunt for some illegal balls!
Me – Always!
Me – Wait, my mom reads this.
Mathew – Maybe your mom can send you some hawaiian silver balls
Jason S - Oh, like your mom would care. I think your mom would probably fit right in with the dirty group.
Mathew - hey, in hawaii don't they tie their balls to a string, set them on fire and swing them around in the air?
Me – They’d be hard to put on cookies.
Tami – What’s wrong with you people?

I love when one post gets turned on its head and goes in a completely different direction. If you want to hear more about the silver balls click here.


  1. This is exactly the direction I would have taken this! I also really love to hijack people's post on Facebook and make them all about ME!

  2. Stopping by from Mama Kat's…

    Kind of reminds me of the times my wife and I are bantering back and forth on facebook in the same room.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. THAT is funny! And somehow, I knew your mom would get dragged into it!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Funny. Stopping by from Mama Kat

  5. BWhahahahaha! Funny. Stopping by from Mama kat's

  6. You guys have way too much fun :)

  7. Ha! Yes, these FB conversations can get out of control! Reminds me of some of the work emails that fly around from time to time. So funny.

  8. LOL That is one of my favourites.

    BTW did you ever find balls?

  9. You know that silver balls post is one of my favorites.

    What the hell is a Brazilian blowout? An oxymoron?