Thursday, February 25, 2010

I’m Not Really “Crafty”

Other than the crazy chair project that nearly killed me (my back is still recovering), I’m not much into crafts. I don’t make “things”. I like to buy my things.

What I do like is to draw, paint, and make cards. Maybe the better term would be artsy.

I thought I’d share some of my “art” with you. It may or may not be good in your eyes, but that’s ok. I’m not posting them to be told they are or are not. I don’t do it for anybody else, except myself, with the exception of my cards which I do make for others. It’s a creative outlet for me, which, I guess, is all that matters.

About ten years or so ago I started working with watercolor. I love watercolor because I think it’s more forgiving. I play with other mediums as well, but I have the most fun with watercolors. Most of the time I sketch with a permanent pen and watercolor that. Sometimes, though, I experiment with other styles.


I’ve also been journaling for a few years now. I like that the work is kept in books and easier to store. Plus the commitment is less due to it’s size. The journals tend to be more personal so I’m just sharing a few that aren’t.


I also really enjoy art journaling when I travel. Here are some that I’ve done from my recent trips through Europe and Africa.


When I need a quick creative fix, I’ll make some cards. They are pretty easy to hammer out when I don’t have a lot of time. I also like that I can use them for others. I use them as greeting cards, but I also make sets and use them as gifts.


Is there anything you do as a creative outlet?



  1. I love doing projects with the kids. They don't usually love that : ). I also like taking pictures. That is about as creative as I get. I love your journals! What a great idea. I like your art a ton. I didn't know wether I should tell you that since you said you don't really care if we like it or not : ) I do though. : )

  2. Everything in this post is a work of art! I wish I could have a creative outlet like this....

    I'm wondering... I recently posted on my blog about Cards 4 Cancer, if you have a moment, would you read it and consider sending one of your homemade cards to contribute? Please, don't feel obligated. I just know it would make someone's day!

  3. Those are beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. The only creative thing I even attempt any more is writing and I'm liking it more and more.

    I won't tell you that I really like your stuff, because you said you don't need to hear it. Do you show your stuff more than you did today. It would be nice to see bigger pictures of the things I'm not going to tell you that I really like.

  5. You cannot say that you are not crafty. Those cards are great. Yes, being "Artsy" seems to be a step above crafty to me, and the things you shared are definitely works of art.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. I love your work! You really are talented. I know that sometimes I look at my own form of "art" and wonder what other people see, but I receive a lot of customer feedback with what I do, so I get a lot of honest and thoughtful reviews.

    Let this be yours: YOU'VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES! :)

  7. Those look fantastic! I was expecting something amateurish from your disclaimer but then these are beautiful. I love the colors and the journals. I think you're very talented! I wish I had half your skil.

    Thanks for the visit earlier!

  8. your watercolors are wonderful! i like watercolor a lot too--i would love to hear more about your travel journals--i love the idea of them, but in practice i seem to be an epic failure--i tried one on my last trip and it seemed like i needed moy time to journal than i actually had on the trip...needless to say, the journal never did get finished...

  9. i love, love, love your journals. the shoe images got me. i'm a journaler (sp?) too but i don't have your skillz.

  10. You're even more artsy than I realized. I love each one of the paintings. And you already know how we all feel about the cards!

    Even your journals look amazing. Please share some of the private pages. We know you love airing your dirty laundry on the internet. :)

    I think you should also post your doodle notebook.

  11. Oh, gosh, I'd LOVE to do watercolor. I keep telling myself I'll take a class but never do. I must.

    Writing is my creative outlet, gardening used to be, and cooking still is. I'd like to be a more active gardener.

    What beautiful journals you have! I especially like th journalling you do when you travel - what a wonderful idea.

  12. WOW the watercolors are great! I wish I had such a great talent

  13. I love your work and would love to see those journals closer!

    We are pretty crafty here, the girls have a huge box of odds and ends. As for me I love to paint but unfortunately have a bunch of started projects that need finishing. If Lisa reads this I swear Taylor's letters are coming!

  14. First of all, you are definitely an artist. I wish everyone made art every day. The world would be a much better place.

    I'm going to steal from you. I'm not "crafty" at all, but I'm comfortable calling myself "artsy."

  15. Are you kidding me? You are a creative genius!

  16. I've been sending you no-reply- comment-blogger.
    I guess you haven't gotten them.
    I'll find them and put them here.
    But, right now
    I have sunshine for you at living my life, whatever Come and get it.

  17. As far as posting on FB or any where for that matter, I guess you have to think anyone and every one can see it.
    And with some hackers, passwords don't mean a thing; they go anywhere they want.

    I guess they don't target an audience, they hit everybody. Korean?
    It really annoys me when I get it wrong. I feel like a retard then.

    I would like to see more of that stuff that I won't say I like.
    Just tell everyone you're doing it at my request and I had to really twist your arm.

  18. Your cards are awesome! Your journals are something I have all the parts of but have never put together...those are amazing!

    I love to make things...a real passion- I can stay up all night- and then pay for it the next day. I like to sew, embroider, draw...but really never get the cahnce.

    Happy Rainy Weekend,

  19. Wow! Even I even had a 1/16 of the creativity you have i would be in awe of myself. Thank you for sharing your beautiful books. I love that idea and think it is a creative way to remember the places you have been.

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog!

  20. Teach.

    And you are super creative, artsy, and crafty. I'll have to take a look at those journals in least the pages I am allowed to see! They look really neat. I love the stuff you do. My mind doesn't work like that. Guess that's why I'm so good at the song and the dance. ;)

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  22. Oh, wow, those art travel journals are awesome!! You are so talented, really. Maybe you could do a "how to" post on the travel journal...

  23. i love, love, love your journals. the shoe images got me. i'm a journaler (sp?) too but i don't have your skillz.