Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

  • I saw the movie “Valentine’s Day” yesterday; Ya know, the one with all the movie stars in it. It was an ok film, but the experience was overshadowed by theatre crowd of about 90% preteens and teenagers. I might have enjoyed it more had I been able to follow along over the talking and shouting and yelling and clapping that took place during most of the movie. The evening reminded me of why I think teenagers should be shipped off somewhere far, far away so they don’t bother the rest of us.
  • “I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.”
    - Unknown Quote
  • I was curious about the origin of the Os and Xs as symbols for hugs and kisses. I was unable to find any real information on where they came from.
  • Speaking of Xs and Os, this month’s GPP Street Team Challenge was to create an image using Xs and Os as the centerpiece.
I’m not much for froo froo and hearts but I played with it a bit and liked how it turned out. The colors are really me and it was fun to use stamps I had and make some new ones. I used a combination of watercolor, acrylic and ink.
mail 004
  • Valentine’s Day is kind of a funny, made up “holiday” isn’t it? Whether you are single or in a relationship, it’s a holiday that has all sorts of pressure attached to it. This year it’s on Sunday. I like that. I don’t ever do anything on Sundays – it’s my day of rest. So I can do nothing and not feel like too much of a loser. Are you doing anything special for V-day?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. TW and I haven't done much for VD for years. We don't really do any holidays. What a couple, huh.

    You've got me curious with the questions you posed.
    Answers! Answers! I want Answers!

    I like your composition. It satisfies.
    Thank you.

  2. I love your X's and O's artwork!

    Happy Valentine's Day, PD!

  3. I did some research, but did not go crazy. I learned a little about Cupid, but not why he's = VD.

    Theories of X and O are that the O represents either the shape of lips when kissing or the arms surrounding another with a hug.
    The X is either two kisses coming together at the point or two arms hugging.
    So they can represent both hugs and kisses.
    But what if you only want to give a hug?

    I think it's more accepted that O is hug and X is kiss.

  4. I want to see Valentine's Day too, but I'm waiting for the kids to be back in school.
    I feel your pain about theatres full of teens and other annoying loud people. Just as bad as the teens are the adults where one person repeats all the punch lines, to their partner or friend(s). One of the joys of retirement is going to a matinee during the week so I can almost have the place to myself.

    I love your artistic talents! Your O's and X's would make a lovely greeting card.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Yes, I was in Ca for a birthday, babysitting and a super bowl party. I miss the ocean and the majestic mountains!

  5. Interesting thoughts! You're right about the pressure it puts on people, single and attached, alike. Fortunately, GC and I have arrived at a point where a card and a hug and kiss are all the other needs to make it a happy day. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if he gave me a card last year and so far I haven't gotten one this year either. But that's okay. I know he loves me.

    Very interesting research GregoryJ did. You learn something new every day!

    Enjoy your day of rest.

  6. I think valentine's is just a made-up holiday but my kids who are 5 and 7, love it. So this year we got them some chocolate, but nothing for each other. It's a nice, no-pressure, do-nothing Sunday around here, which is just the way I like it!

  7. I like Valentine's Day for the kid's sake. I think it is a sweet kid holiday. Andy and i don't exchange anything extravagant. We got each other cards. I got him his favorite candy, he got me some flowers. I am making a nice dinner for my fam tonight...and I rented Time Traveler's Wife. ;)
    P.S. Who is Gregory J???

  8. You are so talented! I love your XXX and OOO's.

    Happy VD,

  9. Love your art work. I think people would buy it!

    I hope you had a great Valentine's Day in your pj's!

  10. My kids are my Valentines, which means not much happening here. Yeah, my 15, 19, and 22 year old loud kids. They were probably sitting in that theater with you. Guess you gotta give birth to them to like 'em...

  11. That quote made me laugh so hard I snorted water up my nose.

  12. Gary worked all day and Kaish said I was silly when I wanted to do something special for Valentines Day. He is growing up so much. I can't really take it.

    I think your X and O art is fabulous to the max! : )

  13. I hate going to the movies for just that reason...the screaming teens!

    But just saw Avatar and LOVED it...that is what I did for my Valentine's Saturday!

  14. My first thought when I saw your journal page was 'it looks like an old sampler" you know those cross stitch ones done on linen?! I guess it was the colors and the x's. very cool. And I am totally following your blog for 3 reasons: your porn star name, your reciped that have me salivating and the intriguing links you have listed. OH yeah, 4 reasons, THE ART. duh!!xoSusan