Saturday, February 6, 2010


A couple of weekends ago I received a phone call from my credit card company. They suspected fraudulent charges. I had used my credit card many times that Saturday running errands around town. That same afternoon while I was shopping in my city someone else apparently was shopping in a neighboring city using my same credit card number at the exact same time. Yikes!

The fraud specialist went through my charges for the day over the phone. Several were mine, but three were not – two for Target and one for a Food4Less, totaling about $600. The charges were reversed, my credit card was canceled, and I was issued another one. I was hoping I would get to keep the rewards miles for those charges, but she told me no.

Last night I sat down to pay my monthly bills. Upon further review of my credit card statement, there were 12 more fraudulent charges in the month of January, about a third of them were for 7-Eleven. After all was said and done the total amount of fraud was $1,390.22!

I called the credit card and reported those as well. While she processed the reversals, I asked the specialist if they used the canceling of the old credit card as an opportunity to catch this criminal who basically stole $1400 from stores like Target, Food4Less, and 7-Eleven. She said no. But why not? Why wouldn’t they put an alert on the card number so if it’s used again, they haul this crook to jail? She didn’t know why.

It seems to me that the stores would beg for this. They don’t want to eat the purchased amounts and that’s what happens when the fraudulent charges are reversed. Thank goodness I’m not responsible for them, but it doesn’t seem right that the stores take a loss because someone broke the law. Have you ever had this happen to you? Did you get to keep the reward miles?


  1. 1. The company called because there were 'unusual' charges on my my wife's card. They were valid. I started using hers for some stuff to spread out the debt. It was nice of them to call.

    2. I tried to use a card at a gas pump and it would not work. I went into the store to try there. Did not work. So I used a different one. When I got home, I called the company and they had stopped it because of 'unusual' charges. This time they were done by some #&^%$#*^ crook. So I had to go over my last few statement and tell them what was not mine. There were only a handful as I remember and the total was not too outrageous. They canceled the card, issued me a new one and I didn't have to pay any of the charges.

    3. I don't do miles.

    4. A time that I wish they had stepped in involved a charge of $14.95 each month for over 3 years. It was on my wife's card. I asked her about it a couple times. She didn't recognize it, I didn't. $14.95 at month, no big deal, but over the time period, those *&*^$%$&^ took me for over $700, and apparently it was 'legal' It was one of those things that you have to 'opt out of' or you get it automatically. The card company did stop it and gave me a couple months of credit. I think they should have been aware of this 'scam' and said something. But I guess they were making money on it too. I googled the company doing the scamming. Thousands and thousands of complaints. Duh.
    NY attorney general is looking into it, but I'm still out and it was my own STUPID fault.

    There you go. You asked.

  2. No, I was not done.

    I remember years ago, we used to confiscate a credit card if it did not work.

    I don't know what happened with that.
    Maybe a law was changed. Not politically correct to embarrass some one.

    So easy to use someone else's card. I wonder what merchants do even check.

  3. Wow PD! I'm glad you got it reversed without too much hassle. It does seem like they'd want to go after these guys, but then again it might tell us something about their profits if they don't bother!

  4. Wow what a bad situation! I'm glad you don't have to pay any of it.

    I know what you mean about trying to catch but sadly I'm sure the credit card company doesn't see that as their job.

  5. Yes, I did have this happen to me very recently. The credit card company caught it as well.

    They never go after the people who do this. Never.

  6. I had something similar happen to my debit card - which is even scarier, because they can suck it right out of your account!!

    They tried to order something online for $800 and I didn't have that much in my balance, so it was denied.

    The bank cancelled the card and sent me a new one, and interestingly enough a couple months afterward the crooks tried again - only to be turned down again, of course. Still, it was a learning experience.

  7. That is crazy. I would think they would do that also. I wonder why? I am going to read your comments and find out. I am sure one of your genius readers knows!

  8. thanks for visiting my blog. I think the NC-17 is just a come on of some sort. I should go back to where I got it and see what they are trying to sell.

  9. That is a little scary and frustrating!! I haven't had that experience yet. I wonder where they got the number??

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