Sunday, February 21, 2010

My First Q & A

I enjoy reading other blogger’s posts answering questions from their readers. I had never thought much about doing it myself, but some of my many few readers have asked some questions that I felt like answering. So, here we go…

Hula Hank asked, “BTW did you ever find balls?”
It is illegal to distribute or sell silver balls or dragees in California. We couldn’t find them anywhere and I was too chicken to acquire them by illegal means. Therefore my cookies were sans dragees.


My cookies were delicious but not as pretty as they would have been with silver balls.

After reading A Facebook Convo, Unknown Mami wondered, “What the hell is a Brazilian blowout? An oxymoron?”
Ha! Ha! I know right? That was our reaction when we first heard about it at lunch the other day. The visuals that appeared in our minds were certainly comical. However, a Brazilian Blowout is actually a hair (on your head) restorative treatment that builds back the proteins that are lost due to heated styling (hair dryer, flat iron, etc.). It makes your hair smooth even when just blowing dry or air drying. They are pretty pricey, but a salon in town is having a 1/2 off special so I’m going to give it a try. I’m pretty low maintenance (in the style sense, not in the mental sense, as I wouldn’t want anyone I know to question that statement) but I have never had a hair style that doesn’t take forever to style. I don’t have bone straight hair or wavy/curly hair, my hair is just blah. I’m hoping this will make my life easier. I’ll keep you posted.

My good friend Jill had a question about my Eight television choices, “I like your list but are you not watching Castle? I think you'd love it! It's my favorite and where are your HBO shows?”
Ugh, I know! I watch way too much TV and I completely forgot about my HBO/Showtime shows like Weeds, Californication, Entourage, The Tudors, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Hung, and Nurse Jackie. As for Castle, I have recorded them and watched a couple. The rest are saved on my DVR. I just need to find the time to watch them.

Grandma J also questioned my television shows, “BTW, have you submitted your application yet for BB12? :))”
Oh GJ, I say this as lovingly as possible, "You’re crazy!” That is the last show I’d be on. Sure, I watch it, but with my aversion to cameras it would be my worst nightmare. It might be kind of nice to lay around the house for 3 months, but I’d rather do it at my house. Plus, they don’t have a television.

The Glass Dragonfly wondered, “Do you know where you want to live abroad?” after reading Eight.
The short answer is – anywhere! and everywhere!
The long answer is – I would like to live abroad either to teach (work or volunteer) or to become fluent in Spanish. Europe, Africa, or South America are top on my list of places. Two things are holding me back. The first, it’s scary to move somewhere new when you don’t know a soul. Even more so when that place doesn’t speak the same language as I do. Second, I have a dog, a job, a mortgage, and responsibilities that make it hard to just pick up and move to another country. I know that these are both excuses, but that’s what is holding me back. Every couple months or so I research how I go about it, so maybe one of these days I will actually pull the trigger. Is there anywhere else you’d like to live? Why?

The Gman asked, “Wait, college in the seacoast of New in UNH? i spent a few nights in McLaughlin Hall,” after reading My First Try At Winter.
Yes! UNH! I lived in Stoke for two years and off campus, across the street from the Tavern, for two years. I loved it there. What years were you visiting? I was there from 91 – 95. Every so often, I miss Durham.

Life With Kaishon also had a winter question, “Would you ever want to live in a climate such as that again?”
If there was a reason to move to a place with four seasons, I would be fine with it. I, most llikely, wouldn’t pick up and move to that type of climate just for the fun of it, but it wouldn’t be the worse thing in the world if I had to go. What I actually disliked about living on the East Coast was the humidity in the summer. If it’s going to be hot, I’d prefer hot and dry.

Alright then, that was fun!


  1. Hey Pumpkin! Been a long time since I've been by!
    FIRST of all... I can NOT believe that silver balls are illegal in California. WHAT???!!! As if?! Don't you guys have Bigger Issues in that state?! Hello???!! LOL...

    Yes, of course I ate cookies with silver balls... and I'm here, at age 42, and have had no ill effects. So, if you want me to ship you some silver balls as a GIFT (no malicious buying intended) you just LET ME KNOW.

  2. That was fun and now I know what a Brazilian blowout is.

  3. No ones ever asks me questions. I think I'm t oo much of an open book. You think?

  4. I have got to think of a question that I could ask you that I really don't know the answer to!

  5. I miss the silver balls too. Next thing you know they will nix red hots.

    I knew you'd never apply for BB12, I just had to ask though. I'm loving Jordan and Jeff on Amazing Race.

  6. I feel like we know each other so well now!

  7. I love this : ) I want you to make it a regular feature. Will you consider that? I have a new collection of questions all ready to go. You are so interesting!

  8. Hmmmm... so if someone sent you some balls, would you get done for receiving illegal goods?

    You cookies do look delicious though... they make me want to have a christmas cookie baking day in february.

  9. This is great! I am curious to hear how you like the Brazilian Blowout.

    I think living abroad sounds awesome. I can see my self living in all kinds of to choose?? While I dream about it, I have laundry to do.