Monday, March 26, 2012

Let the Lazies Begin With the Most Interesting Man in the World

My spring break officially started two days ago and as usual, I spent the first two days of it doing a whole lot of nothing.  On Saturday, other than walking the dog a couple of times, running a few quick errands, and cooking dinner, I didn’t do anything of value.  Most of the day was spent lounging around, catching up on some recorded television shows, and playing games on my phone – I actually had to charge my phone battery twice because of all the “Draw Something” I played. 

Yesterday was even worse.  It poured down rain for hours so that made for a nice excuse to just lie around the house in my jammies.  I didn’t even go outside until about 6:30, when there was a slight break in the rain, to take the dog on a walk.  The walk was sorely needed as she did this right along with me all day long…

stuff 467There was something different about this vacation’s laziness though…I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it.  Usually I feel guilty and antsy because I like to keep busy.  But after dealing with work drama (not the least bit about the kids) for the last several months, it was fabulous to just be home and happy and drama free, especially yesterday when it was raining outside.  This week is busy, fun busy, but still busy.  Next week will be spent on household chores and spring cleaning, and the last week will be spent back at school getting ready and being bummed out that vacation is almost over. 

Have you seen the Dos Equis beer commercials about the most interesting man in the world?  I included a couple because they are pretty funny…

While catching up on some TV, I watched this past week’s Real Time with Bill Maher.  At the end of his show each week, he does a New Rules bit.  I know not everyone is a fan of Maher, but his Mitt Romney “Most Interesting” parody kind of hits the nail on the head, doesn’t it?


  1. How did you know I wasn't a Bill Maher fan? Maybe I should have watch your clip. Although, knowing Fred, he probably already has.
    Enjoy your break. If it helps, I feel guilty for you. I think I'll clean in your name if you don't mind.

  2. @mark - I know there is SO much about this post that stresses you out. :). But don't worry, the decluttering is coming, the dog is only allowed on the couch if it's covered with the blanket, and the jokes may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admit the bit isn't too far from the truth. Next week I'll post cleaning pics to get back into your good graces. ;)

  3. Pretty good explanation for the last one for those that missed the Maher programme.

    Lovely shot of the dog.

    I've no dog in the election fight at all. But I'd always considered that Obama was an incumbent that could be removed. IF, the Reps could have fielded someone reasonably decent, reasonably sane and reasonably inclusive.
    I was casting about for a type that would have suited them and will suit the Dems next time and came up with a Coast Guard of Flag rank. Just military enough, without being too much

  4. @vince - somehow i missed this comment until it cam through my email...simultaneous posting?
    She's pretty cute when she's calm and cuddly like here in the picture. After that nap...not so much!
    Many of the politicos here agree with your if they "fielded someone reasonably decent, reasonably sane and reasonably inclusive" the reps would have a chance scenario. Each that have been out there have only appealed to a very narrow population - the far right. Romney seems to be more towards the middle, while even dipping his toe into the left while in MA. Why they haven't gone more towards the middle blows my mind...those who are there seem to be running for cover and not wanting to open their mouth against the crazy.

  5. I can't see any of the videos :( :(

    I will have to use my blasted imagination again!

  6. @hula - well I do like when you use that imagination! Grrrr, they are all YouTube videos...I wonder why. Well take my word for it, they are all funny. :)

  7. I love cuddling at home but I feel guilty when i do it too. So lame! We work hard, don't we? We DESERVE a good break now and then. No matter what though, I feel guilty when I chill for too long.

    My Spring break is over. Kids are off to school tomorrow. Boo hoo. Hate that!

  8. @Crystal - Oh, the end of break is a bummer yah. I'm so glad today was the first Monday of mine and I still have 2 more free Mondays to go. Spring breaks are so different all around - yours is over, mine just started, and I have some friends back East who don't start for another couple of weeks.
    Hope the first week back is good.

  9. Oh may you relax and enjoy your break! No sunrises or sunsets at work. I love my mornings at work. I was never a morning person but when we had 10 kinder classes and I had to teach the a.m. group that began at 7:50...and had to do all the set up before class because the afternoon class was in there in the I became a morning person. Now I get to work before everyone and leave before sunsets are enjoyed at home :)

    Love that dog!! He must have had a looooong walk :)

  10. @marey - there are many days when sunrise and sunsets both come at work...but at least it's a nice view, for now.

  11. I hope you get to do something fun for spring break!

  12. It is my computer at work... I can't download any programs required to view youtube videos, etc.