Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This One Time I Went Out to Buy a Pair of Sneakers

The weekend rain stopped and the puppy and I went out for a walk yesterday morning.  It was a beautiful day, but there were many puddles on the ground.  After walking through a couple of them, the bottom of my foot was wet.  My left Adidas sneaker had a warn out hole at the bottom.  I’d like to think that I’ve warn them out with all the walking we do, but I think one of us has sped the process up a little more.
stuff 053These sneakers are so comfortable, but since they were no longer viable, it was time to head out and find a new pair. 

The drive to and from Sherman Oaks was so pretty.  I love the sky after a rain, and everything seems so clean.

stuff 059
stuff 060  stuff 063 stuff 064 stuff 068If you look closely, you can see a little snow on the mountains.  I thought there’d be more because our temperatures fell quite a bit during the storm, but it seemed to only cover the tops. 

My favorite shoe store, DSW, has a location in Sherman Oaks and there is also an Arclight movie theatre.  Before shopping for shoes, there was time for a movie…Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. 
Salmon-Fishing-in-the-Yemen-posterHave you seen it?    It leans towards a chick-flick, but it was a very nice, sweet film.  After the movie, it was on to some shoe shopping.

My plan was to head directly to the sneaker section, but I had to walk through every other section on the way.  All the summer sandals were out, the sassy wedges were out, the new flats were out.  And I have a small lack of control problem when it comes to shoes.

I left the store with three new pairs…

stuff 070 stuff 072 and none of them were sneakers!  In my defense, the sneaker selection was quite limited, and I just couldn’t help myself!  Granted, two of the pairs I can’t even wear yet since the weather is still a bit chilly, but they are so darn cute.  And I guess now I have to shop for sneakers at another shoe store.  Oh, all right if my arm is twisted! 


  1. I think the only truly flawed vision women have is feet. Primarily their own, but pretty much any female foot will do. All drift to the cute insanity where the expensive setting is expected to cause visual metamorphosis turning the contents into gems.
    Men have something similar where a football/hockey/baseball/hurling shirt over a beerbelly converts into useful muscle not the love cushion it is.

  2. My God, you ARE a girl! Thanks for reminding me. Look at those super cute shoes!

  3. @Vince - That's our ONLY flaw? I'll take it! :) I think you are right though. There's always something of an internal hysteria when I enter a shoe store. Normally, I'm quite frugal and purposed with my spending, but at the shoe store I open up my wallet and say, "Here, just take what you need!" And I say it with glee too!

  4. @Mark - Yes! You've got to stop confusing me with that half inch cartoon character. I know, right!?! Super cute.

  5. Ohhh...I love shoes too...but most of mine are Vans and Converse...but I just got two pairs of cute shoes to wear with dresses.

    Cute shoes...keep them away from Rigby!!

    Great sky pics...I miss those clouds here.

  6. I actually love how you didn't even get a pair of sneakers!

    How much longer are you going walk around the block with wet feet??? You are going to have to start wearing bread bags as socks!

    1. @hula - I know, so silly. But actually, after having to clean out some closet space for these new ones I found some brand new sneakers I had previously bought but forgot about. So it's a good thing I didn't buy any new ones. Now I'm good on the sneaker front and the cute shoe front...just not so much on the shoe addiction front.

  7. Those are so cute! And I love the title of this post :)

    1. @lacy - hee hee! Thanks! I'll show them off when we are back to work!

  8. @marey - To be honest with you, I prefer jeans and sneakers most of the time too, but it's fun to have some cute shoes in your bag of tricks. :)

  9. DA-dat-da-da daaaaaa dA DAT-DA DA DAAAAAA(Ride of the Valkyries) ringtone on the I-whatzit.
    Tanned Irish chick hits the touch-panel


    ~'Yes-yes. Hello hello to you too. This is 1-9-7-5, and we want our word back'.

  10. Addiction is only so if it is causing a problem in your life or your ability to have relationships with others.

    Is buying shoes causing physical or emotional harm to yourself or others?

    Is buying shoes destroying the important relationships in your life??

    Is buying shoes keeping you from reaching the goals in your life?

    Am I a complete and udder(utter?) shoe addict enabler?? Yes, I am.

    Also, if you did not buy the new shoes, you would not have discovered that you already had a brand new pair of sneakers waiting for your in the closet.

    Of course, most people would be able to remember that they bought a pair of sneakers. ;)

  11. @Vince - har, har, har! Sounds like you wish you had an i-whatzit. :)
    My ringtones are a little more up-to-date than that (90s), but not by much.
    My current ringtones...

  12. @hula - Your points are all valid, and no the shoes are not causing harm to anyone, at all. Thanks for justifying my actions. :)

  13. CUTE SHOES! This is my kind of post! I would much rather buy super cute shoes like you did than purchase boring old sneakers (even if I need them.)

    Those pics were amazing. I felt like the clouds were coming right at me!

  14. @crystal - thanks, on both compliments. It was great picture taking weather that day. I should have been outside instead of wandering around a shoe store and sitting in a theatre. Been out the last 3 days, but the sky wasn't nearly as pretty as it was on Monday.

  15. Jealous!! Super sassy shoes!

  16. Jealous!! Super sassy shoes!