Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Pat’s Sat 9

Here are this week’s questions…and my answers!

1. Have you ever felt that you needed to just forget an ex-lover? Oh sheesh, here we go again.  Duh!
2. Spring picnics and cookouts are here! What would you want to have on your plate as you head back to the table?  I can’t wait until summer fruit is here.  Oranges are finally good right now, but the fruit selection is so limited…I feel like I’m getting scurvy.
3. It's St. Patrick's Day, March 17th! Do you celebrate? Drink Green Beer? Go out?   Yay!  I love St. Patrick’s Day!  Even better that it’s on a Saturday this year.  I host a St. Pat’s party every year.  Everyone will be here in about 10 hours!
4. Did you remember to wear green today? I’m not even out of bed yet, but I will!
5. What phrase or saying do you over use? I use “like” a lot, for example “Oh my god, I like love your shoes!”  It’s a Valley girl thing.   
6. If you could (or could have) change(d) something about your relationship with your parents, what would it be? My relationship with my parents was/is pretty good. I wish I hadn’t been such a hormonal, bratty teenager though.
7. If the NCAA Men's or Women's Final Four basketball tournament was played in your hometown arena or within easy driving distance from where you live, would you try to attend one of the games? If someone said, “Let’s go!”, I’d go, otherwise no.
8. No matter what's going on in your life, what always makes you smile? My funny friends and my puppy Rigby.
9. We've asked this before: What else is on your mind? Go ahead and rant.  Oh, that’s opening up a can of worms isn’t it…it’s too early for a rant.  My brain isn’t working at full speed yet.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  


  1. Hiked Slievenamon to the top. Bought a deepfat frier. And got caught in biggest hail shower in twenty years. Like bloody marbles they were.

    It's a blessed wonder Romney or Santorum haven't pulled an Irish ancestor out of the wood. Them 'twould have been more plausible than Obama popping in to the north of the county last year.

    Have a good St Paddy's Day. Where did Patty come from btw.

    I was in Cashel shopping yesterday and the place was awash with American kids. I suspect they are here to go on a few marches.

  2. @Vince - hopefully the hail waited until you were down the mountain! We don't get that kind of weather, but once when I was driving cross country we had a hail storm in Ohio that was so bad we had to pull over. I thought it would bust our front window. Scary! It is pouring down rain and windy today though. I was thinking about the Irish ancestor card as well. There's a movie that came out a few years ago about a politician who did that. He still ended up losing because he was an A-hole. Hopefully this year will have a similar outcome, ancestor or not.
    Is the day quite as party-driven over there? I have heard not as much. Regardless, Happy St. Patrick's Day Vince!

  3. HAPPY ST PAT'S DAY! I am wearing my Lucky Charms t-shirt :)

    Some of the best writing I got from my 3rd graders was when we went outside to "catch" a leprechaun and then we came inside, put him on our desks and wrote about him.

    Have a great party :)

  4. Not so much, but it's been getting better. Now that there's a more carnival feel. But that's hard to pull off with a lazy east wind rising goose bumps the size of nipples and the nipples into instruments to have an eye out.
    We don't have lads and lassies sporting thongs like in Rio. But they will have that look. With all the head gear, and monsters and a humungous Patrick casting snakes (aka our druid ancestors) left and right.
    The dead hands of the churches are off though. No longer is it a statement of Christian Ireland and is now back where it was originally, for all Irish.

  5. @Marey - Love it! Mine had fun with their leprechaun writing this week. We had leprechaun/pot of gold themed PE games too. :)

    @Vince - well, that's fun then. I wish we had more of that community thing here in LA like they do in Boston or NYC with parades and street parties. LA is too spread out for that to happen as easily, it's more by neighborhoods here on a less grander scale.

  6. The big difference is in B-town and NYC the Irish were the underdog by a country mile. Really until the Italians came in. In LA the Irish and the Jews were running the place from day one. It's hard to shut the darn place down in a naked statement of power when you are the boss.

    Oh, ND was over along with Mizzou and a fistful of other college ball marching bands. I just saw them on the news.

  7. @vince - well that is true. We'll just have to make our own fun, despite "the man". ;)

    @jlo - woot! woot! Yay! However I am stranded in the nail shop's parking lot as we speak with a dead battery in the pouring down rain. Hopefully AAA rescues me in time for the fun!

  8. I love your puppy's name! Thanks for visiting mine, too :)

  9. How can you get scurvy with so many oranges around?

    Did AAA ever rescue you? Was the St Patrick's Day party saved?

  10. @Hula - They are finally good. Up until the last week or so, they've been really dry and mealy or sour.
    Yes! AAA arrived fairly quickly and got jumped, but then had to go get the battery was dead. However, home in plenty of time and it was a blast! :)
    Happy Bday Hula!

  11. Hehehe - You got jumped by the AAA guy???? Now that IS service!!!

    PS - Thanks!!!

  12. I guess you got your rant in today, Hope you had a rad St Patrick's day.