Saturday, March 3, 2012

My First Saturday 9

I found this weekly meme while visiting Bankerchick’s Scratchings.  I do love me a good questionnaire!  Posting answers to preset questions is blogging’s easy way out, but that’s ok…it’s Saturday.

Here’s my Saturday 9

1. How much do you worry about your future?
A lot!  Probably not the things I should be worrying about though, like finances and retirement and what not.  I think I worry about people leaving, and me being left alone more than anything.

2. Do you believe that anyone could be perfect?
Perfect for you?  Yes!  Perfect, perfect?  No way!

3. Regarding your future, what is the best thing you could hope for? I hope that the people I hold dearest to me and I stay healthy and happy for as long as possible.

4. What's the greatest extent you've gone to help a friend in need? I’ll do just about anything if someone I care about needs/asks me to.  Listing something that “I’ve” done when it comes to friendship and helping someone else, it seems kind of wrong to include that, especially if it was a rough or emotional time.  However, I will say I’ve helped A LOT of people move homes and paint their walls, and I’ll only do that if I like you!

 5. What did you do lately that was really brave?  The bravest thing I’ve ever done was picking up and moving cross country, leaving everyone I knew back home, at 17.  I used to be brave, I don’t think I am anymore. 

6. Tell us one thing you wish you hadn't let yourself do. Oh dear, just one?  There’s no way I could choose just one!

7. Who is the wisest person you know? This question is always so hard.  It goes along with “Who has been the most influential person in your life?” which I don’t know the answer to that one either.  I guess my dad was pretty wise, and our personalities were so similar that his thoughts usually stuck with me more so than others.  So with him gone, I don’t know.  I have a variety of people in my life who are wise in various ways, but probably not the same as with my dad. 

8. What's the most tasteless joke you've ever heard?  Hee hee hee!  I am such a sucker for a tasteless joke, and if it has fourth grade boy humor, you may find me rolling on the floor giggling.  The problem is I can’t ever remember them, and if I do, I’m the worst at retelling them. 

I have a friend who sends jokes via email all the time.  I went back through my deleted ones.  This one's pretty funny…
At his wife's request Michael visited a sex therapist. They chat for a while ,and the doctor showed Michael some cards.
"What is this", said the doctor holding up some ink blotches.
"Why, that's 2 dogs going balls to the wall."
"And this", said the doctor holding up some more ink blotches.
"Why, that's a man giving it to the Missus from behind."
And this.
"Well that's a threesome."
"Well", said the doctor, "I'm afraid your wife appears to be right.  You're a sex maniac".
"I'm the sex maniac?!" Said Michael indignantly, "You're the one with all the filthy pictures!"

9. What does your answering machine / voice mail message say? I don’t have an answering machine anymore, but my cell’s voicemail says, “Hi, I can’t get to the phone.  Leave a message.”  I know, it’s brilliant, right?

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Yes, your voice mail is brilliant ;-) Moving was also my bravest moment.

  2. *groan* to the tasteless joke thing lol. I think I've heard that one before, haha.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. ahaha I actually really did like that joke. plus I really love the look of your blog! :) Visiting from the Sat9 Linky!

  4. @misty - ha ha thanks, very clever indeed. Those kind of moves are hard and wonderful all wrapped into one.

    @godsgal - well, I didn't say it was good, just made me laugh! :)

  5. Thanks for coming by Jaimie! I thought funny too, but I'm pretty easily entertained.

  6. I don't have an answering thingy either. And I switched off the TelCo service. I think if it's important the person will ring again, then why pay for two calls for the one subject.
    Since I've not kids a goodly % of worry isn't there. Mind you I'm thinking about getting Medical Insurance for the hound, how nuts is that.

  7. Moving cross country at 17 is brave. Did you come to CA then? Glad you liked the meme!

  8. @vince - yes I've contemplated that insurance too. With the last one I rarely needed the vet, but at the end the vet bills were exorbitant, and they got to a point that I couldn't afford them anymore. It was still probably best that I made the decision to put her down, but I'll always feel SO guilty that $$ was a deciding factor. The vets milk you dry and to have some help with that would take a load off. Great, thanks now I've got another worry! ;)

  9. @banker chick - no I'm a California girl. I moved to the East Coast - Boston area. I was there about 8 years before moving back.

  10. Hi Kimberley, I really should join in with one of these Q/A memes soon.. They are good!
    Very insightful and always interesting to read bloggers deep down thoughts.
    Jennie. X

  11. @Jennie Louise - I think they are fun to fill out and fairly easy, however a few of these were thought provoking and more difficult to complete. I agree, it's fun to read what others post as well.