Sunday, March 11, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes – Enough of This Depressing Stuff!

I realized that my last few posts were downers…what a bummer!  (shakes it out!)  Time for some funny.  This year’s class is FUN-NY ya’all!  The previous two years were rough – between behavior problems and weird dynamics between some of the kids, it made for very little fun.  This year’s group is SO different.  I’ve got a few instigators, but despite them we’ve been able to have some fun, and they make me laugh out loud everyday.

Being under the weather for 2 weeks, getting out of bed and getting to work was about all I could muster up on most of the days, so worrying about “looking pretty” was the last thing on my mind.  To be honest with you, showering and putting on whatever clean clothes (usually jeans and sneakers) I could find was all I managed.  I made it to school everyday, but the kids knew full well I was not at my best. Feeling so much better this past week, I arrived at school looking more professional – hair brushed, a little make up on, taking a bit more time to get ready.  On Monday morning, one of my students asked, “Are you feeling better today, Ms. Delight?”  Before I could even answer one of my little sassies said, “Yah, she is, just look her!  She’s beautiful again!”  If that can’t make your day, what can?!?!

Later this week, the class had written their sentences for our cooperative strip paragraph on rocks.  Afterwards, we all sat on the carpet to revise and edit their writing.  Finishing this activity always makes the kids feel so accomplished, and I like that is shows them how small changes can make their writing so much better.

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Once the paragraph is complete and correct, our last step is to add our name, number, date and a title to the finished piece.  Even though it’s always “Ms. Delight’s Class” there was a big discussion on the carpet about what it should be…”Room 204”, “Our Class”, and “Ms. Delight’s Classroom”.  I wrote and explained that “Ms. Delight’s Classroom” would mean the room wrote it, and while a few rolled around on the floor laughing, one boy shouted out, “Ms. Delight’s Kids!”  Immediately and completely serious, one of my girls looked at him and said, “We are not her kids, we are her life!”  Ain’t that the truth!

Just two weeks now until spring break!  I am very much looking forward to it.  Even though a break is always welcome, I enjoy seeing these kiddos everyday so I’m sure the two weeks will fly by.  Things have been exhausting at school this year, but luckily the kids have been the easiest and best part. 


  1. Marvelous the kids haven't yet begun that gradation. You know; pretty, good looking, beautiful, stunning.
    Actually I wonder if they are making that value call at all. Which I suppose it's more of a compliment since then they were making a factual call.

    Hard to credit its almost the equinox, eh.

  2. Is the time difference really only seven hours. I'd a thunk more.
    I tried to calculate it using the time stamp, but the post time is later than the first comment.

    Anyhow, I must look it up. The reason for the 2nd comment is I'm unable to find the e-mail for the comment box. Still can't.
    Hay hoo.

  3. So, you have no life without those kids, huh? How sad! Welcome to my world!

  4. @vince - I believe it was 8 hours until this weekend when daylight saving time started or ended (I can't ever remember which) this weekend. A few years back someone decided it should be much earlier in the year for us. It's soooo dark out right now.

    @mark - it is sad! ;)

  5. It is clear they enjoy being in your class.

  6. A little humor can make anything easier....glad you are having a better year :) Those are not observations kindergartners make...this class of mine doesn't comment on my hair, new glasses or clothes...I have never had a class like this one....although they are delightful :)

  7. @Marey - For most of my school years I've been very boy heavy. This year I'm girl heavy, and these girls think I'm their new best friend. Before I can start one of my reading groups (all the girly girls are in that one) we have to have a quick discussion about my appearance - nails, jewelry, shoes, etc. Our school day was lengthened this year, so I don't feel like I've got to round them up as quickly. The fact that they are all latino makes my light hair and eyes a particular focal point as well. A week doesn't go by that we don't talk about it. They are so goofy, but fun.