Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday With a Five Year Old

One of my favorite people came to visit yesterday. Emily, my friend Kristen’s daughter, got to spend the day at my house all by herself, without her silly older brothers tagging along.

Emily was quite excited to have some “girl” time.  Her mom called me the night before to tell me that when she picked Emily up from school Friday afternoon Emily asked they were going to “Auntie Kim’s” house right then.  When Kristen told her not until the next day, Emily wanted to know how early she got to come over.  Ahhh, how cute.

Emily arrived at 11:00.  After saying goodbye to her mom and older brother, we got right down to business.  Our first activity was baking.  Emily has quite the sweet tooth and loves to help in the kitchen so I bought everything we needed to make some bar cookies. Emily is a great help in the kitchen.  While I measured, she poured everything into the mixer.  Once the cookie dough was finished, she helped with the clean up (licking the spoon and bowls is my favorite part too).

While the cookies baked in the oven, we went upstairs to the art room for some creating.  Emily loves arts and crafts.  She could draw, color, paint, cut, and glue for hours.  If glitter is involved she can do it even longer.
Em 031

Once the cookies were finished baking, we had to add the toppings.  I drizzled the chocolate and peanut butter on top and Emily added the pretzels.
With the cookies all finished but needing to cool we went back to creating.  Emily made some beautiful artwork including this lovely abstract portrait of me…
When the creations were finished we checked on the cookies to see if they were ready.  They were.  I cut us each a piece and we enjoyed it thoroughly.  
Em 014 About 4 hours later her mom called to see how I was doing.  Emily and I made her family a plate of cookies to take with her when her mom picked her up.  After a fun-filled day, Emily left for home with her mom.  Before she left, she asked if I could save some cookies for her to have the next time she came over.  So I wrapped up a few cookies to put in the freezer, kicked off my shoes, and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch.  The best part of being an “auntie”…we have a great time together and then she goes back to her own house.


  1. Oh how fun! I lick the spoon too. Emily's a beautiful girl.

  2. That's the best part of being a grandma some days too. lol

  3. Well that was strange. My comment came up anonymous instead of my blog name.

  4. What a fun day!! I'm pro spoon licking myself!

  5. What time shoudl the Lopez girls be there next weekend? ;)
    P.S. How'd the cookies turn out?

  6. Teaching chemistry on your day off. Wait until the union hears about this! =)

    What a lucky girl to have you for her friend.

  7. Oh, I loved your special day! She is GREAT and I really love your pictures. You give me a run for my money with your mad photography skills Pumpkin : )

    As I was reading this, and then envisioning you on the couch, I can only say this, it is nice to send them home : ) I remember before Kaishon was adopted there was only me. And I had a grand life : ) lots of me time. And then when he came, I thought I might mind it, you know giving up so much, but honestly, you won't mind at all. It is like the very best feeling in the world.

    The worst part of it is that someday, they will grow up and then you wonder how you ever lived life without them.

    Does this make sense? I just took a muscle relaxer because of some back pain, so if I sound ridiculous, it is because of that : )

    Now we just have to find a bad boy who grew up and turned good : ) to help supply the bambino. Trust me, Pumpkin, you will love it more than you can EVER imagine.

    And you know who else will love it? Your Mom.

    There is just something so wonderful about having a little person of your very own in the big bad world.