Thursday, October 15, 2009

Writer’s Workshop #6 – The Mayo Story

If you cover one eye and squint this is a story about my birth, WW topic #2 (or events leading up to it).


Those of you who know me know that of the many things I dislike, mayonnaise is probably what I dislike most. I have posted about how mayo makes me nauseous. Tasting it, seeing it, smelling it, and even listening to it disgusts me. Blech! This aversion to mayo does not come from a bad experience (however there have been some bad experiences due to this aversion). I was just born with it. Here’s the story…

Both my parents are mayonnaise eaters. Growing up, they put mayo on a lot of food, weird food – sandwiches, avocados, tuna, artichokes, even tacos. You’d think that mayo was in the genes (just like our blue eyes), but clearly it was not.

When my mom was pregnant with me she had morning sickness just once over the 9 months. During the work week, my dad usually made sack lunches for the day while my mom got ready in the morning. One morning however, my mom made the lunches for the day – sandwiches for she and my dad. As she spread the mayo on the bread, I apparently had had enough with the mayo already. My mom remembers that the sound and feel of it spreading on the bread was just too much and it made her sick. Ya, I know the feeling.

So you see, this is hatred started in the womb. Mayo and I just don’t mix.



  1. You need to conquer this dislike. I vote for mayo submersion therapy.

    You know, where you dip yourself into giant tub of mayo and revel in it.

  2. You are making me dislike mayo

    the buzz, Brandy

  3. I was just talking to Sarah (my sister in law) on Sunday about your aversion to mayo. She also hates it but I bet hers didn't start in the womb! :)

  4. I outgrew my mayo aversion, PD, but my brother didn't.

    I distinctly remember a ham sandwich my friend's mom made for me. She didn't even ask if I wanted mayo, she just spread in on. I thought it was the most amazing sandwich I'd ever eaten and was a fan from that day forward.

    Do you like Miracle Whip? Tartar Sauce? Ranch? Or does your dislike apply to all creamy condiments?

  5. Hah!! I hated mayo as a kid. I preferred Miracle Whip. But why? There's not that much difference between them.

    The funny thing is now I (sorry) like mayo.

    Have ever tried REAL homemade mayo? You could call it something else. Or is that even grosser?

  6. Oh my. I love mayo. Probably too much! But I would never put it on someones sandwich without asking first.

    Now mustard?! Serious yuck!

  7. I hate Hula Hank right now. ;) I couldn't even read the post, really after I saw the photo. Too early for a mayo story. Plus, you told me I already know it! ;)