Thursday, October 1, 2009

Writer’s Workshop #4 – BFFs


Kristen and I have been friends for a hundred years 28 years. (Wow, I just calculated that in my head and can’t believe it’s been that long!) I am an only child, but she is just like a sister to me. We are very similar and also very different, if that make sense. She has been “adopted” by my family and I have been by hers.

She and I met at the barn where we rode our horses. We are 4 years apart so for a few years she was actually my babysitter. If my parents went away for a day or two, she would come stay over and “watch me”.

Being in her “care” was fun we watched movies, made popcorn, rode our horses, and talked. I idolized her as a kid. One time, when she stayed with me while my parents went out of town, another friend and I talked her into calling in sick for us to our school. She agreed and while she called the school office, sounding like such an adult, we rolled around on the floor giggling. We got ours though, because the afternoon we played hooky we laid out by the pool and all got really bad sunburns. Fun times! Just last year Kristen and I went out for wine with my mom and we told her that story. We promised mom that was the only time it happened. I’m not so sure she believed us.

In high school, college, and early adulthood we were inseparable. Most everyday we saw each other, hung out, or caught up on the phone. Over the last ten years though our lives have gone in different directions – mine towards my career, hers towards her husband and three kids (some of my most favorite people.)


Even though we don’t talk as often and see each other even less. We have each other’s backs for the big stuff. We don’t miss a birthday or Christmas. When her dad was diagnosed with cancer I drove to her house in my pajamas. When my dad had his heart attack, she was the first person I called. She dropped everything and came right over to help me pack. She watches my dog when I go away and I babysit her kids.

She knows and loves me no matter what and I do the same. Kristen is my oldest and dearest friend.



  1. Great post...makes me miss my BFF-but is that you in the photo? I thought you didn't post pics of you?? Sweet pic!

  2. I was gonna say, "what a great post", but someone beat me to it. Seriously friendships like that are one in a lifetime. that photo is cute.

  3. Awesome.What a wonderful portrait of a friendship!

  4. What a beautiful friendship! How funny is it that she used to be your babysitter and now you babysit her kids?

  5. You're lucky to have a lifelong friend. It's a rare thing, PD.

  6. She's good people...just like you.
    Don't know why you are so afraid of the camera. You are super photogenic. That is a great picture of the two of you! And i know a good picture. ;)

  7. You realize anyone could take this pic and put it all over Facebook, don't you?

    (In light of tonight's dinner conversation!)

    I like Kristen a lot!

  8. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful friend. There are some friendships that stay real no matter how much life changes. A great story!

  9. Loved your post. You are really lucky! Tell Kristin I said hi.

  10. She sounds like a gem and I am so glad you have her. So very, very glad : )