Thursday, October 29, 2009

Writer’s Workshop #8 – Halloween

This week’s WW topics are all about Halloween. If Mama Kat was going to grade this post, I would be marked down because it’s not really on any of her topics, but it is about Halloween costumes.

My costumes, throughout the years, haven’t been anything too exciting. I don’t even remember all of them. I think once I was a kitty cat, and then there were several years of those plastic costumes with the mask secured with a rubber band. Most of the time the rubber band broke before even getting the chance to trick-or-treat.

Then there were the high school years. I was so very original when I dressed as a baby four years in a row. Sweats, hair in pig tails, and a bottle with my favorite beverage, why not four years in a row?

College wasn’t much different. I wasn’t a baby, but a Kings’ fan for those four years. I wore my Kelly Hrudey jersey, my Kings’ hat, a pair of jeans, and wrote on my face. How easy was that?

College 01

Today my team and I were talking about dressing up for school on Friday. Ideas were thrown around like pirates or witches, and then I said, “Let’s dress as something so we can wear our pajamas to school.” They loved it. We’re going to go as tired teachers! Flannel PJs, messy hair, and slippers; what a nice way to dress on a Friday.

So, no, I’m not very creative with my Halloween costumes, but I sure am comfortable.



  1. Visiting from Mama's Losin' It. I am always a huge fan of PJ costumes for Halloween!

  2. There's a LOT to be said about comfort. :-) The best I do for Halloween is a witches hat or big red nose...

  3. I'm going to be a "feather cowboy." That's what I get for letting preschoolers choose my costume!

    I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. Personally I prefer the Non-costume myself. I was "smartie" pants one year. Yep, taped candy to my pants. But my favorite which works with your tired teacher. Is a friend and I wore jammies and robes and she had a pack of Nyquil and I had No-doze and we were "sick and tired". I know! I just kill myself with the funny! LOL!

  5. You rock for coming up with such comfortable costumes! So funny you were that baby four years in a row!

    Here's the link to my writer's workshop post:

  6. I wish we were allowed to dress up at our school. I would have rocked the housewife look...robe, pj's, hair in curlers, remote control in my hand. I'll have to talk to Alexis about that. .;)

  7. I think you are a genius. That is what I think : )

  8. Any excuse to wear Pj's out is a good excuse.